Turn your power plant smart

PVSOFT collects your power station data using a communications gateway (datalogger) installed on site. These systems regularly send data over the internet to our servers, which analyse , aggregate , and file it.

This data is available to you in several forms:

  • Customisable dashboards made up of widgets (charts, tables, etc.) that you can assemble according to your needs
  • Customisable alerts by email, text message or notifications
  • Automatically generated and sent reports

Constraint-free information sharing

Power plant owners and investors connect to the portal within your control, they have access to a dashboard suited to their needs, that you can individually customise

Using your corporate account, you can share one or many of your sites with the PVSOFT corporate account of another partner. You can therefore collaborate unrestrictedly

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Communications gateways and M2M

We are compatible with all leading dataloggers available on the market (SMA Sunny WebBox, SolarLog, MeteoControl, etc.), so that we can take into account the diversity of your existing assets

We offer our clients a communication pack containing a WebdynSUN gateway and a multi-operator M2M subscription. The gateway is compatible with most inverters and has a high number of inputs/outputs. It can monitor TIC meters, pulse meters, sensors (temperature, radiation, etc.), fire alarms, intrusion detectors, overvoltage protections and MODBUS equipment

Optimize your power plant production

PVSOFT send you alarms based on hardware measure, hardware events or based on its own analysis or data modelization engine. You can create intervention ticket in the Maintenance Module (CMMM). Using this module you can schedule interventions, assign them to technicians, and technicians can make their report using the tablet application, even off-line. Finally you may sent excel or pdf report to your Customer on a regular basis.