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The application areas of the software

Every user connects to the same portal with access to their own personalised information. From a company account, you can share one or several sites with another partner, outside the company.
This allows you to work together freely. ENERGYSOFT becomes a real management tool for all your teams involved in energy consumption and sets up an action plan for energy efficiency.

The application areas of the software

Global monitoring of all types of energy : remote reading/ meter reading
ENERGYSOFT concentrates on the monitoring of one or several sites enabling the analysis and reporting of the consumption of all sorts of energy equipment : electricity, thermic, gas, water, hot and/ or cold.

Supervision of a large number of pieces equipment : sub-metering
The software is a supervision tool of energy consumption. Costs can be analysed and linked to different sorts of equipment : compressors, CVC, cold units, heaters, lighting, IT servers, production lines, industrial processes, lifts, heat pumps, etc.

Monitoring of your account

From data or alerts collected on your sites and on our analysis interface, our team of experts ensures a real time supervision and informs you immediately of any malformation and potential anomalies. This made to measure maintenance service alerts you as quickly as possible and plans your interventions. A specific report will be transmitted regularly to keep you informed of the performance of your equipment.

Creation of alerts
From ENERGYSOFT, you can manage your alerts and choose to be contacted by email, by text or directly on the mobile application in case of incident.

Maintenance management
This service enables you to think about the global acquisition costs
• Create and monitor your or your sub-contractors interventions on site (with budget monitoring)
• Integrate intervention costs into energy costs so as to obtain the real operating costs of your equipment and hence prioritise the actions of energy efficiency.

Control panels with associated graphs
You can change the control panels depending on the profiles of your users (technical, financial…). New indicators can be configured including :
• Rate of use of a piece of equipment
• Cost of thermic energy produced
• Average cost of m3 produced
• etc …

The benefits of the software

ENERGYSOFT is a software which manages energy by monitoring and analysing your daily energy consumption in real time, through its personalised activity reports. It is perfectly integrated into a continuous improvement programme of your energy performance.

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