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Customer testimony – Valénergies

“We wanted a single system to connect up all our solar power plants” Cyril Vezza – Director of Operations at Valénergies tells us more. We reviewed our situation in June 2021: this showed that we were struggling to see what our PV plants were generating but above all, whether they

Streamlined maintenance with there Energysoft integrated tool

Whether preventive or curative, maintenance undertaken on solar power plants is key to ensuring PV systems run smoothly, achieve peak performance and are long-lasting. The Energysoft maintenance tool has been jointly designed and developed with our clients (particularly Apex Energies and Générale du Solaire) and is available to all users

NEW! Reactive power monitoring now built into Energysoft

No more nasty surprises of unexpected penalties! S4E has recently added a new feature to Energysoft that tracks reactive power on a daily basis. What is reactive power? Reactive power is a form of electrical power that doesn’t directly contribute to supplying payloads, but which is needed to maintain a

Focus on mass migration with Irisolaris

“Migrating 1,400 power plants in one go – hard to imagine – but you just have to get organised!” A year ago when energy transition advocate and leading photovoltaic energy producer in France Irisolaris, decided to adopt a new, single monitoring solution for all its power plants, it had to

S4E wins a tender in Cyprus!

UNDER THE CYPRIOT SUN! Yes, S4E has been chosen to monitor the sun that bathes the island of Cyprus. Boasting an average of over 300 days of annual sunshine, Cyprus lies 70 km off the Anatolian coast of Turkey, in the Eastern Mediterranean. A few weeks ago, S4E won a