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Customer Story Reden Solar International

“Energysoft is the perfect combination of an efficient monitoring system and a highly proactive group of professionals. Interview Sepulveda with Iñigo, BI and Scada manager at Reden Solar International Iñigo, can you tell us about your work at Reden Solar International? I manage the whole SCADA sector, i.e. the real

Interview with Manon Lemetais

When did you join S4E?  What did you do before? I joined S4E in May 2022, so quite recently! Before that, I worked abroad (Indonesia, USA, New Zealand) in different fields of expertise such as exploration geology or project management in the construction industry. I am therefore fluent in English

Deux techniciens à côté d'une centrale photovoltaïque

S4E, digital technology supporting renewables

The development of renewable energies will not happen without help from digital technologies. The two go hand in hand. For example, Energysoft, the software developed by S4E, allows retrieval of a lot of data for better optimisation and a fair distribution of green electron production. A key tool for more

Kevin Bouron – Portrait

My name is Kevin Bouron, I am 27 years old. Originally from Lorient, I’ve always lived in the west of France, especially in the city of Lanester, right next to Lorient! During my higher education, I was also able to discover the city of Nantes.

S4E expands abroad with its energy monitoring software, ENERGYSOFT

S4E, the French software editor launches its international operations in order to grow on the Energy monitoring market.   To date, ENERGYSOFT, the monitoring software developed by S4E has a strong footprint on the French market, with more than 10% market share. This year is a good time for the company to go international in order to reach foreign Renewable Energy developers. Not only the company has been approached by German, Italian or Spanish players but also by companies based in Morocco, Israel, Brazil or India, notably because of the strong