Stay connected with your solar power plant, wind farm…

A complete and personalisable monitoring cloud solution for your renewable energy, multisites and multi-manufacturer plants.


Connect your ENERGYSOFT software to any type of power plant and of any power.

Panneaux solaires

User-tailored views


Monitor the real performance of your whole portfolio of production installations.


Pilot and maintain your sites thanks to a technical accounting tool which is compatible with most of the materials on the market.


Manage the performance of your site and integrate it into your energy policy.


Your site at a glance

ENERGYSOFT supervises the whole set of your sites thanks to its personalisable dashboards and its capacity to send out alarms in case of malfunction.

Visualise easily the performance of all your assets

ENERGYSOFT offers a series of dashboards which can display the usual needs of photovoltaic or solar production supervision (general production, alarms, inverter details, irradiation comparison, sensor details….)

All dashboards can be completely adapted to your personal needs.

Be warned in case of malfunction or production decrease

The management of the alarms is an important element of the supervision system. Particular widgets, (maps of the sites, the conditions of the sites..) show you at a glance all the alarms of your plant, or a part of it and you are also able to prioritise them according to your own criteria.

Depending on your needs, a alarm can correspond to the whole plant, a subpart or a particular site. The alarms are sent to their correspondant in different formats – the inbox of ENERGYSOFT, email, a mobile phone notification or SMS text message.

Keep up to date

Keep in touch and communicate with ease thanks to the automatic reports which can be in Word, PDF or Excel format.

Plan your curative or preventive interventions

Decrease stoppage times of your plants with our integrated maintenance module and the mobile application for technicians

Maintenance at hand

A maintenance module (GMAO) is proposed for the plants supervised via ENERGYSOFT. This module generates requests for intervention, assigning them to a maintenance team by defining a list of tasks to be done on site and by monitoring the status of the intervention.

For the maintenance team, this module shows them the completed tasks, lets them add attachments or fill in check lists.

Lastly an accounts department can use the module to follow up the accounts of the subcontractors.

Remote maintenance management

The integrated management tool allows you to monitor information, detect a breakdown right up to the closure of the incident. With the mobile application, the maintenance technicians can make their reports directly from the production site.



Optimise the performance of the sites

Maximise the availability and the performance of your sites with the help of our precise analysis.

The software offers you precise analysis such as the modelisation of production or intelligent neighbouring with machine learning techniques, developed in collaboration with our experts.

Modelisation and machine learning

ENERGYSOFT allows you to follow up your production depending on your forecasts (production, sunshine hours, aging).

Beyond the production forecast, ENERGYSOFT calculates your theoretical production depending on the irradiation and the noted temperature.

Lastly, ENERGYSOFT has a predictive algorithm which can determine the theoretical production depending on the neighbouring one.

Reselling to aggregators

Use the dedicated module to help resell your production. This module provides the management from end to end of the resale of the production to the aggregators : transmission all along the production and the unavailabilities to the aggregator, and automatic limitation of power during a negative price period.

Views adapted to the user

Modify your dashboards and graphs, create your own alarms and your periodical reports.

Our monitoring solution for your solar power plant, wind farm and other positive energy buildings is customized to your company’s profile

A quick and easy set up

Set up easily the platform and manage all the users associated to your account, create personalised dashboards depending on your needs.

The dashboards are organised by supervision profile which can be personalised to each user, or user by user (superviser, accountant, owner…). In this way the graphs and data accessible are perfectly adapted to the people concerned.

Beyond the visualisation of data, ENERGYSOFT lets you create your own personalised measures thanks to mathematical formula.

Share the information without constraints

Every user connects to the same unique portal from their computer, tablet or telephone.
You are able to share the views that you have chosen with guests (maintenance, investor..) or build a TV page for public view.



Easy and quick integration

The integration of the ENERGYSOFT software is possible on all types of power plants : ground, roofs connected to the network or in autoconsumption.

Universal compatibility

ENERGYSOFT treats the data of your plants with pathways of communication installed on the sites. These machines send information regularly to our servers which analyse it, aggregate it and archive it.

To be able to take into account the heterogeneity of your plant, ENERGYSOFT is compatible with most materials : invertors, meters, weather sensors, dataloggers or controllers of different manufacturers.

Energy Management Systems for an open solution

ENERGYSOFT can connect to manufacturers’ management systems to get the operating data of your plants, but can also connect to ENEDIS to read the meters.

In another way, our energy management systems based on the ODATA standard let your reporting tools (BI tools) and more generally your information system read the aggregated and normalised data by ENERGYSOFT.

An M2M communication pack prepaid without subscription

As an option of the ENERGYSOFT software S4E proposes to our clients a communication pack including a WebdynSUN pathway and a M2M card without subscription (communication on multi-operator 3G network).

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