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Thibault Duprat

Reden Solar

« For an optimal operation of photovoltaic power plants, it is necessary to have a good monitoring software. » Thibault Duprat – Reden Solar tells us more.

Our main challenge with regard to monitoring is to guarantee optimal operation of our photovoltaic power plants in order to ensure the best production.

We monitor the status of our power plants on a daily basis in order to detect problems as soon as possible and take action as quickly as possible, either remotely or on site.

And how does Energysoft help to better manage this issue?

Thanks to Energysoft, we can continuously monitor our own and our customers’ PV assets in a reliable and detailed way!

The second thing we like about the software is that we can see the instantaneous production of each inverter. So we can detect a problem on one of them very quickly, via a drift or an alarm.

Another advantage is that the data reported by Energysoft also allows us to make a good analysis of the various breakdowns we encounter on our plants. This saves us a lot of time when it comes to repairs. We can therefore maximize our production with complete peace of mind!

What if we had to choose one feature?

The most useful feature for us is the monitoring of the power of the inverters. Not to mention the specific yield per inverter, which is also very useful for us! We compare the output of each inverter and we can see if one inverter is under-producing compared to the others.

Energysoft helps us to identify the problem on site in a very precise way.

Other features, such as the thermo-map, also allow us to refine our diagnostics and highlight productivity drifts.

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