Customers testimonies

Michael Michetti – EM Solar

One of the first challenges in terms of monitoring is for us to detect the risk of breakdowns and to be able to intervene quickly. It’s all a question of responsiveness.

Thibault Duprat – Reden Solar

Our main challenge with regard to monitoring is to guarantee optimal operation of our photovoltaic power plants in order to ensure the best production.

Alexandre Volpato – Apex Energies

Our first challenge is flexibility. Above all, it means adapting the working environment to each of our power plants in order to obtain different analyses, whether we are monitoring more traditional power plants or rather high-voltage power plants, in self-consumption, or according to the wishes of our customers.

Iñigo Sepulveda - Reden Solar International

I manage the whole SCADA sector, i.e. the real time and remote monitoring of our projects, mainly in Spain and Portugal but also in the rest of the world. I am in charge of making recommendations on the systems to be integrated into the plants.

François Lebreton – ENGIE CoverSolar

EnergySoft’s 1st challenge is to remotely monitor the installations for which we are responsible and to know constantly how they are functioning, how they are connected and what they are producing.

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